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Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a great way to brighten up and restore your beautiful smile! At Dentist Mandy we offer the latest whitening system: Opalescence Go! It is easy-to-use, convenient and will give you amazing results! Only one appointment is required.

Dentist Mandy Teeth Whitening Opalescence Go Kits
Opalescence Go is the perfect option for patients who are looking for convenient, ready-to-go whitening. A professional whitening gel delivered in prefilled, disposable trays, Opalescence Go features the enhanced UltraFit tray and can deliver dramatic results in as a little as 15 minutes per day. The UltraFit tray sets Opalescence Go apart with its unique material that warms with the temperature of the body so that it comfortably moulds and adapts to any patient’s smile for a more effective and enjoyable whitening experience. With no impressions, models or lab time required, Opalescence Go is the professional alternative to less-effective over-the-counter options.

There is also another take-home whitening treatment where your mouth trays are customised for your home use. This whitening treatment is recommended for people with crowded or misaligned teeth, as the UltraFit trays may not be suitable for the arrangement of their teeth.

Take-home teeth whitening treatments usually require two appointments. In the first appointment, we will assess your suitability for teeth whitening. If you are suitable for teeth whitening, we will take impressions of your teeth so we can make customised mouth trays like a sports mouthguard for your home use. When you return for the second appointment, you will be given the customised trays and a whitening kit, and we will teach you how to use it at home. Usually, the two appointments can be arranged on the same day and you can start your whitening as soon as possible!


Post-Treatment Care and Risks

Cosmetic Dentistry in Bondi After treatment, if you consume food and drinks that result in staining like coffee, tea, wine or if you continue smoking, the whiteness will gradually fade again and you will need another whitening treatment. Avoiding such foods or habits can prolong the results of your newly whitened teeth.

Regardless of the type of whitening treatment, you will usually experience tooth sensitivity and/or gum irritation from a few days to a few weeks. In some rare cases, pain may be experienced. Generally, the sensitivity or pain or irritation will subside over time. Please return to see us if you experience prolonged sensitivity after using our take-home whitening treatment.
Although teeth whitening usually does not cause irreversible nerve damage, it can occur in rare cases, thus subsequent root canal treatment can be required.



How does teeth whitening work?

The active ingredients in Opalescence gels penetrates your teeth, working from the inside out. This will break down the discoloured molecules deep down in your teeth, removing the stains and whitening your smile. Opalescence gels contain potassium nitrate and fluoride, which remineralises, strengthens and desensitises enamel, which helps prevent cavities!

Is teeth whitening for everyone?

Teeth whitening is safe and comfortable. Treatment and results vary depending on the level of staining and whiteness desired. However, crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers will not whiten. Visit Dentist Mandy for a consultation to help you choose your best whitening treatment.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

Teeth whitening results are usually very stable, with results staying long after treatment is over. However, there are few factors that can reverse the effects of whitening. Genetics, diet, age, medications like tetracycline and smoking may affect the length of your whitening results. Fortunately, touch-up treatments are quick and easy to bring that bright white smile back.
Will teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity and weaken my teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common side effect of teeth whitening. If sensitivity occurs, it is often temporary. This will go away once the whitening process is completed. Opalescence products contain desensitising ingredients such as potassium nitrate and fluoride to provide additional comfort. These ingredients also maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process, hence it will not weaken your teeth.

What types of whitening are there?

There are three ways to whiten your teeth. You can whiten your teeth with a customised tray, prefilled tray or with an in-office whitening treatment. They have many different concentrations, delivery options and flavours to suit your needs and lifestyle. Contact Dentist Mandy to enquire which type of whitening suits you best!