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Pola Day Teeth Whitening

brighter teeth. confident smile. long lasting result.

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When your smile needs to be brighter

Over our lifetime, your teeth can become discoloured due to age, some medications, smoking, disease, red wine, coffee or injuries. These factors can dim the brightness of our smiles.

Melbourne based Pola have designed a safe teeth whitening system available through us here at Dentist Mandy. We are sydney teeth whitening experts based in Bondi and love that pola whitening products are all Australian made and created to fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

We offer a few options:

At Home – PolaDay HP 9.5 and PolaNight 22

With us – This system provides a more intense treatment with immediate results

Mobile – For when you need a little teeth whitening on the go


Pola Day and Pola Night Syringes
How does Pola Teeth Whitening works

Pola Teeth Whitening Systems, when applied to the tooth, break down into oxygen and water ions. These ions enter the enamel and break down the long stain molecules, removing the stains from the teeth. Our saliva then washes these stain molecules away leaving your teeth brighter each time. It’s one of the best teeth whitening systems in Sydney.

At Home Teeth Whitening

Pola Day HP 9.5% contains fluoride which protects your teeth from sensitivity and remineralises them at the same time. It is a neutral pH teeth whitening formulation, containing hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth over a short period of time. Results from poladay teeth whitening can be seen in a short period of time with 30 minutes a day application.

Pola Night CP 22% takes a longer time to work but the result is amazing and long lasting.  It contains fluoride to remineralise your teeth, protecting against sensitivity and features Desensitising Technology (PDT) to protect your gum’s nerve endings, reduce the risk of irritation, burning, pain or long term nerve damage. The main active ingredient in polanight teeth whitening that helps to deliver pearly white teeth quickly is called carbamide peroxide.

With the Pola Take Home Teeth Whitening system, you need to have professionally made customised whitening trays to maximise the whitening benefits. Customised teeth whitening trays can be made by our dentist. Alternatively, if you have already have customised whitening trays ready to go, just pop into our clinic and purchase the Pola whitening gels from us.

With Us - Teeth Whitening with your dentist

Which teeth whitening treatment you choose should be determined via consultation with your dentist. In some circumstances, it is best to take the option of an in-office treatment. Usually this is due to needing a more intense concentration of hydrogen peroxide which can only be administered by a professional. For others, it’s simply easier to arrange a series of appointments rather than self-applying. There’s a teeth whitening solution for everyone!

Want to know which option will suit you more?