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What is dental crown treatment?

Dental crowns, tooth crowns or tooth caps are all terms used to describe a restorative dental procedure where a new “cover” is fixed onto a damaged tooth.

There are a range of different materials including resin, porcelain, zirconia or gold which are used to create these prosthetic caps and crowns, all of which are designed to restore your damaged tooth back to its original shape and size so it can function as your natural tooth did.

Dental Crown at Dentist Mandy

The dental crown procedure involves permanently adhering the crown to your natural tooth. Essentially, the custom crown we create for you will replace the outer layer of your original tooth – like a crown (thus the name). It’s one of the most common of all dental procedures and something we do frequently at Dentist Mandy.

When your tooth is severely decayed, or cracked, we may recommend dental crown treatment.

What can I expect when getting a dental crown?

As with any of our dental procedures here at Dentist Mandy, we begin with a consultation with one of our dental professionals. It’s important that we collaborate with you to make sure that your expectations are met and the procedure is the perfect fit for your smile and your lifestyle.

Most of the time, a dental crown treatment will require 2 (or sometimes 3) appointments.

With dental crown procedures, we begin by looking at the state of your teeth, colour matching and creating crowns which are natural and perform the role of your original teeth. From there, when you are ready for the procedure, we will be removing the outer surface of your tooth including the top and all of the sides gently. This makes sure that we create adequate room to position the dental crown. In some circumstances if there is not enough of the original structure of the tooth left, we may need to add a crown buildup (or crown bridge) on which to place the crown. Sometimes, local anaesthetic may be used to numb the tooth and surrounding gum.

An impression of your tooth is then taken using dental impression paste, putty or a dental digital scanner. This provides the blueprint to make your completely customised crown. It can take 2-3 weeks for us to receive your customised crown back following the imprint. Whilst we wait for the crown to arrive, it’s often necessary to fit a temporary crown. We do this during your initial visit.

During the crown-trying appointment, your temporary crown will be removed and we will try your new crown to see if it is fitting well and looking good. Once we are all happy with the new crown, your new crown will be set in place using a special biocompatible cement to affix the crown to the tooth.

Very rarely, the new crown does not fit well and may require further adjustment from dental laboratory. In this case, we will send the new crown back to the dental laboratory and ask for adjustment or even remake.

How long do dental crowns last?

This dental crown restoration is considered to be permanent. Their average lifespan ranges any between 5 and 15 years. The length of the lifespan largely depends on how they are used, how well they are maintained and your overall dental health.

Your oral hygiene and eating habits all have a huge impact on the lifespan of your dental crowns. Some crowns may last a lifetime and some others may crack and need to be replaced. It’s important that you maintain regular dental checkups and pay particular attention to the health of your gums surrounding your crowns.

How much do dental crowns cost?

Dental crown costs vary based on the materials used to create your custom crown and the number of crowns you require. It’s important to understand that this dental restorative procedure is a permanent therapy and perceived as a more lasting and durable solution than fillings. This, combined with the fact that high level technology and customisation is part of the process, means that this service represents a higher and longer-term investment.

Are dental crowns right for me?

Your professional dentist at Dentist Mandy can help guide you through your decision on dental crowns. We aim to provide you with an in depth understanding of why we recommend crowns and how these will help your overall dental health.

Dental crowns can restore the shape, strength, functionality and appearance of your original tooth which may be damaged by wear or decay. When your original tooth decays or breaks (perhaps due to an accident or mishap), it creates a need to replace this tooth in order to ensure correct chewing abilities. The most common reasons for requiring dental crowns include:

Dental Crowns Bondi

To protect a weak or decayed tooth

To restore an already broken tooth

To cover a tooth which has a large filling and needs extra support

To secure a dental bridge in place

To cover a dental implant

To cover a tooth which is severely misshapen or discoloured

After your crown has been installed, your tooth’s original function should be restored, allowing you to chew normally again and also to smile again without concerning yourself with a chipped, cracked or decayed tooth in view. Your new crown’s job is to protect your original, somewhat vulnerable tooth by holding it together and shielding it from harm.

Book in for a consultation with a professional at Dentist Mandy and we can discuss all the options carefully with you.

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