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Opalescence Teeth whitening

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Say hello to Opalescence Boost

Whiter teeth in just 1 hour!

It’s possible! In the space of just one lunchtime, you can achieve whiter, brighter teeth. No more repeat visits and long waiting times for results. This teeth whitening system is perfect when you have an upcoming event and need to dazzle with your smile.

Our clients are loving the Opalescence Boost system to get the ideal smile for weddings, school formals, job interviews and photoshoots. Really, it’s as simple as a one and a half hour appointment with us.

Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening Bondi

The Opalescence Boost professional teeth whitening system is used by us here at Dentist Mandy. We love that for over 20 years, Opalescence has been providing people with brighter and whiter looking smiles. Their products are highly sought after, effective and trusted throughout the industry. One of Sydney’s best teeth whitening systems, we’re big fans of it in our Bondi dental practice.


Why Opalescence Boost Teeth whitening?

Opalescence Boost is a professional teeth whitening system only dispensed by dental professionals like us. A friendly consultation with one of our professional team will help you to make sure that this is the right solution to give you the best smile possible. Many of our clients choose Opalescence teeth whitening as it is a highly effective and super quick whitening option with fantastic results. They can literally relax in the chair as the gel is applied and emerge an hour later with a more luminous, whiter smile.

At Dentist Mandy, we offer Pola take home teeth whitening following Opalescence Boost as an ultimate teeth whitening packaging to make sure you get the best of the both worlds.


Vegan Friendly and Gluten free

Our clients are increasingly focused on the range of active ingredients and the elements they consume when using teeth whitening products. Opalescence is both a gluten free and vegan friendly teeth whitening system – as well as being highly effective. It’s just one of those things that’s nice to know when you’re deciding on the right teeth whitening treatment!


How does Opalescence work?

Our Opalescence Boost gel features the active whitening ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) that penetrates your teeth enamel. Oxygen molecules from this whitening agent break down the discolored molecules in your teeth, providing you with a natural looking smile. Opalescence Boost is applied by our dental professionals here at our Bondi rooms only. The whitening get is so effective that we do not use hot or uncomfortable lights. The teeth whitening system is chemically activated, providing you a brighter smile in about an hour.


In fact, the treatment is carried out with a simple three step process.

Initially, we match the shade of your teeth to a chart so we can see what kind of intensity and results are possible. It’s a colour chart of sorts that we work to.

The next step involves preparing your gums with a protective barrier. This ensures that your gums will not experience unnecessary irritation or unwanted sensitivity. This another one of the main reasons our clients look to professional treatments, rather than take-home applications.

The third step of teeth whitening is where, using a dedicated, gentle, brushed tip, our professional dentist will apply the gel to your teeth. The gel will be on your teeth for about an hour as you recline and relax.

And then finally – voila! We remove the gel and unveil a beautiful new smile!

Opalescence Go 15% mint

Your Professional On the Go Teeth Whitening Kit

We are big fans of the Opalescence Go prefilled whitening trays. The unique Ultrafit tray has been designed to conform to any smile – so there are no impressions or molds required. Ready to use straight out of the box, it contains potassium nitrate and fluoride as well as 15% hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient.

Our clients are impressed by the ease of use, the fresh minty taste and the fabulous results. Also, the Opalescence Go 15 mint has the benefit of being a vegan friendly and gluten free teeth whitening system – with the added bonus of being one of the only Kosher teeth whitening systems available in Sydney.


Opalescence Go Whitening Tray Dentist Mandy

How it works:

Simply unpack the tray. You’ll notice the unique gel, molar to molar design. From here, you’ll insert the tray and bite down firmly to ensure the right positioning within your mouth.

Once comfortable, you can remove the outer layer (the green layer) of the tray and bite / suck down again. Our clients all report how easy to use and comfortable the tray is!

Once your required time is up – you’re able to remove the tray and smile a little brighter!

This is a great system for busy people who want to maintain the whitest smile possible without having to spend time in the dentist’s chair. We welcome you to pop in to see us at Dentist Mandy to discuss the best teeth whitening option for you.

Whiter teeth in just 1 hour!

It's your time to Shine.