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Balancing Lockdown Life – How to Keep Smiling?

Balancing lock down life – health, fun and wellness

We all know that lockdown has been challenging in many ways. And now, with school holidays upon us, we thought it might be a good time to share some of the #lockdowntips we’ve learned from some of our favourite clients.  From how to keep spirits up, to clever ideas to keep the kids busy, we’ve rounded up some great ways to stay smiling whilst we stay home.


New routines

As we work and study from home, some of the time pressures we normally feel have been removed. This sounds a little relaxing, but in fact, not having to be at school for the morning bell or at your desk by 9 can throw out the routines we’ve come to rely on.

Most kids will need to log in at certain times, and as we all know, when working from home we’re obliged to check in for Zoom meetings at specific times too.  Around this though, it’s important to introduce some new routines.

This could might look like:

Getting the whole family up to have breakfast together every day before you all split up onto different screens

Setting a time each day to do an online yoga class or activity together

Making a time for “screen free” time and likewise, making a time for recreational screen time 


Get Crafty

By now you’ve probably seen a huge rise in interest for crafts and home projects. Many online stores are even incorporating craft boxes with online workshops and tutorials.

We’re big fans of natural products, so our recommendations here include:

Candle making (there are some great soy candle kits available)

Making your own body products (investigate the natural ingredients you may even have growing around you – you can make soaps, body oils, natural toothpastes and bath bombs)

It may sound silly – but why not get ahead of the game now and start on your homemade Christmas cards and decorations. By the time the holiday season comes around, you’ll be glad you made a start! 


Keep an eye on your health – what does lockdown fatigue really mean?

The term “lockdown fatigue” is something we’ve been hearing a lot about at Dentist Mandy. Essentially, this is something that creeps in when we start to let loose of routines that we would normally consider necessary and start to fall into a bit of a rut.

Not having to show up to the office may seem like a walk in the park, but, sometimes this can actually lead to increased pressure as we believe we should be able to produce more from our home desks. Often, the reverse is true. Being at home, having to cater for three meals a day, schedule exercise and place limitations on leaving the house can end up making us somewhat less productive.

The biggest thing we want to outline here is to be kind to yourself. Put some systems in place to make sure you have time for work, time for play, time for family and very importantly time for yourself.

Life for work play family
Balancing productivity and self care in lockdown

As routines can slip and we need to socially distance ourselves from others, we’re hearing that many of our little ones can become apathetic. In some instances this can lead to tendencies to want to stop basic things like showering or brushing their teeth.

Sometimes losing our routine makes us less inclined to be productive. This can extend to our little ones too. Removing their sports activities, extracurricular routine and social activities with friends can make them lethargic. One of the best tips that we’ve had here is to get creative.  

You might want to:

Switch up where their online schooling is done. Maybe ask the kids to swap desks, or swap with them yourself. Set up a workspace on the balcony even!

Spend a moment investigating new products – like natural toothpastes to entice your children to keep brushing their teeth. Let everyone take turns to choose what today’s “tooth brushing track” will be, ensuring that everyone brushes their teeth for the duration of the song.


Self Care & Wellbeing

Not being able to travel or get out and socialise can have an impact on our mental and emotional well being.

If anxiety creeps in, it can lead to an impact on your health (dental health included). Anxiety and bruxism (teeth grinding) are known to be connected, as are anxiety and personal hygiene. During the pandemic, mental health organisations have seen a rise in OCD (both in adults and children) which can lead to over brushing too.

Take the time to take time out. Maybe you can consider:

Practicing mindfulness exercises such as breathing and meditation

Online dance or yoga classes

Levelling up your skincare routine or taking some relaxing baths

Reaching out to old friends, family and groups you’ve not spoken with in a while. Chances are you’ll make someone’s day with a bit of happy contact.


Stay Smiling

Even though lockdown has certainly been challenging, it has had some positive impacts too. These include having the time to really see the good in our lives. 

A  moment each day to appreciate what is fantastic in your world is highly recommended as is making sure you include some belly aching laughs and big smiles too.

And, if you’re ever short of a smile – we have plenty here to share.