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Eco Dental

Welcome to a beautiful new era of dentistry.

Our Bondi clinic serves our local community a style of dentistry which is conscious and caring – not just for our patients, but for our environment too. The approach we take is always holistic and has a community spirit at its core.


As eco-dentists, we are focused on ensuring that we:

Eco Friendly Dental Product at Dentist Mandy

Use as many sustainable and biodegradable supplies as possible (without compromising our treatment and infection quality controls)

Maintain our own little garden and compost everything we can, as well as supplying our own fresh veggies

Continually reduce our plastic usage and waste

Do not use plastic barriers for clinical areas that require disinfection after each patient

Only offer well balanced treatments which do not use harmful chemicals or materials such as amalgam

Evolve and educate ourselves in new techniques that are better for our dental health and the planet too

Bringing eco-dental good vibes to Bondi

Being beachside and within a wonderfully conscious community, we have designed our practice to embrace as many natural elements as possible. From paper cups (not plastic), to fluffy cloth (not paper) towels, we actively work to reduce our footprint and to share our desire to make wise choices.

Our primary mission is to make sure your teeth are healthy and that we create a caring and relaxed environment.

We’re growing our offering to you

It’s important to us to introduce our curated range of eco-friendly dental products to our patients. We’d love you to share our passion for great dental health and great quality, eco-dental products.

It’s taken a little while, but we have scoured the globe for products which will keep your teeth and the environment feeling great. Think biodegradable toothbrushes, dental floss made from natural fibres, dental hygiene tools that are biodegradable and organic oral care formulations.

Head across to our clinic for:

Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes

Caredent Biodegrable Tooth Brush Bondi Beach

Eco dental floss

Caredent Floss

Eco-friendly dentistry with Dentist Mandy

We’re thrilled that you’re a part of our community. Your choice to support our eco focused dental practice means a lot to us!

By supporting our decision to maintain a focus on the environment, you’re doing great things too. We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions as to how we can incorporate more ways to be kinder to the planet. So please, make sure you share them with us.

We’re looking forward to expanding our range of eco-friendly dental products and will keep you posted as we introduce new ranges throughout the year, in our clinic and in our work-in-progress online store.