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Invisalign Provider

Creating better smiles - why we are Invisalign providers

One of our most popular services at Dentist Mandy is in providing Invisalign treatment to help provide straighter teeth or to correct the shape of your bite.

Invisalign clear aligner treatment is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces. The Invisalign design has been created to fit into your daily life seamlessly. Essentially a procedure to correct misaligned teeth, the system utilises sophisticated 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology to straighten teeth and correct structural dental issues.

Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign system has a wealth of benefits including:

  • The ability to remove the aligner at will so you can enjoy all foods (from crunchy apples to popcorn), or enjoy a special occasion (school formal, wedding etc) without braces – just your natural smile.
  • Their clear, almost seamless appearance
  • The high level of technology – including 3D imaging
  • Reducing the chance of gum disease
  • A more comfortable solution that traditional braces


With over 5 million Invisalign users all over the world, the system has definitely proven itself to be incredible!

Invisalign 3D scan

At Dentist Mandy, we are big advocates of adopting new technologies and procedures in our practice to improve your results and solve any dental problems you may have. This is why we are dedicated Invisalign providers.

What it takes to be an Invisalign provider?

One of our core values at our Bondi practice is to constantly improve and to stay up to date with dental techniques and products. As you’ll see by our Practice accreditation we take our procedures and policies very seriously and place a large priority on constant team education.

Invisalign providers must undergo specific product, care and service training to qualify as suppliers. In order to be able to bring the Invisalign products to our practice, our team has been trained in all aspects of Invisalign and the respective patient care involved.

So, when you choose Dentist Mandy for your Invisalign aligners, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we are experienced and educated!

What to look for in an Invisalign provider?

As with any dental procedure, it’s important to make sure that you are both comfortable with your treatment and comfortable with your practitioner.

One thing you may like to do is to make sure you check your dental practitioner’s online reviews and their levels of accreditation (Invisalign Full treatment provider vs Invisalign Go treatment provider). Always take the time to ask as many questions as you can to be informed about your procedure too.

Another aspect of your treatment to take into consideration is location. It’s important to find a dentist conveniently located to you, as you may need to visit your dentist every 2-8 weeks over the course of your treatment. Treatment durations vary – but generally it’s a 9-18 month period. Our Bondi dental clinic is centrally located for our Eastern suburbs patients.

At Dentist Mandy we have a long list of great reviews, years of experience in Invisalign procedures and ensure that we have a thorough conversation and consultation before you decide on any procedure. We’d love to invite you for an initial consultation to discuss whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you.


Dr Mandy Liu Bondi

Dr Mandy Liu

Invisalign Provider