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Pola Light Teeth Whitening

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A brighter smile is just 5 days away

Teeth whitening is a service we’ve found is gaining in popularity every day. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, with treatments varying in intensity as well as duration. At Dentist Mandy we offer a range of treatments from in-chair to take home kits, like the new Pola Light.

Pola Light is an Australian made, highly advanced take home tooth whitening system we’re thrilled with! Featuring LED light technology, it combines award-winning whitening formula, with an LED mouthpiece for a safe, fast teeth whitening treatment.

The treatment is totally comfortable to use at home and has the benefit of not requiring the production of custom trays or involving dental visits.

Pola Light 6% Pack
Quick and convenient to use

In just two short sessions each day (10 – 15 minutes each) you can achieve a naturally brighter and whiter smile. The LED mouthpiece is also completely portable, rechargeable, comfortable to wear and cordless.


Fast results

You can expect results in as little as 5 days. As there are no in chair visits required so you don’t have to wait too long to see your improved smile. This makes it an ideal teeth whitening treatment ahead of a special event!


Locally manufactured and internationally trusted

Based in Victoria, Pola continues to set the industry benchmark in speed and performance around the world for effective teeth whitening. Over many decades, they’ve refined their formulations to ensure the best teeth whitening results.

At Dentist Mandy, we are big fans of the results Pola products continue to provide our clients.

With over 50 years experience in oral health, their teeth whitening treatments are sold in over 100 countries – helping millions of people worldwide to achieve a brighter smile.


Whitening as gently as can be

Pola Light features highly effective, but more soothing ingredients. Pola Light  combines a higher water content, conditioners and calmative ingredients to assist in reducing sensitivity during treatment. Their high viscosity, neutral pH tooth whitening gels provide the best levels of comfort too!

A simple solution with bright outcomes

The Pola Light kit includes:

3 x 3g Pola Day tooth whitening syringes (6% hydrogen peroxide)

1 x 5.5ml Pola Luminate

1 USB charging cord

1 instruction guide

Pola Day gel

Pola Light Kit Dentist Mandy

This fast acting gel:

  • Delivers whiter teeth in as little as 5 days
  • Safely removes long term stains
  • Returns your smile to the whitest, most natural shade possible.
  • Includes remineralisation which strengthens the integrity of your teeth
  • Hydrates to reduce sensitivity
  • Is pleasantly flavoured

1 Pola LED mouthpiece

This state of the art piece is:

  • Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear
  • Lightweight

You might be wondering:

How white will my teeth be after treatment?

Although a lot of other teeth whitening manufacturers claim your teeth will be up to ‘5 shades’ whiter, it actually depends on the original shade of your teeth and the extent of staining. Pola is designed to lift the toughest stains and bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness.


How does teeth whitening work?

Once the Pola whitening gel is applied to the teeth, it begins to break down into water and oxygen ions. These oxygen ions enter the enamel, lifting the long stain molecules which are naturally removed from the tooth by saliva. Just how white your teeth become is related to the number of oxygen ions available and the length of time they are on your teeth.


How do I use Pola Light?

The Pola Light Kit is something you can travel with and use wherever you’re comfortable. The treatment involves a few easy steps. Simply apply the whitening gel to the mouthpiece with the syringe supplied and pop it into your mouth for the required period. It’s that easy!


How long will my teeth whitening last?

This is always a hard one to answer, as it largely depends on your lifestyle and level of oral health. Coffee, wine, soft drinks and some medications will reduce the length of your results. What we can say is that your teeth will be at their whitest for the first 6 months, before slowly gaining colour again.


Does teeth whitening hurt?

A very small percentage of people may experience a tiny bit of teeth sensitivity which subsides quickly.


Teeth whitening is a very personal experience we’re finding our clients are asking about more and more. With these new take-home treatments, we’re seeing many more brighter, whiter smiles around us in Bondi – and we love it!

If you’d like to chat about how to achieve your ideal smile – please get in touch. We’ll work with you to find the best treatment for your lifestyle and aims.


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