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Child Dentistry

Looking for a child friendly dentist in Bondi? At Dentist Mandy, our dentists recognise that children are not just small adults. We know how to examine and treat children in ways that make them comfortable and use equipment specially designed for children in our child friendly dental clinic.



Dental visit for children

The importance of your child’s baby teeth cannot be overstated. It is recommended to take your child for his or her first dental visit around the age of 3 or 4, and then every six months thereafter. This is the best time for us to get your child to learn good oral hygiene habits!

children-dentist-mandy-bondiWe will examine the development of your child’s teeth, teach your child how to brush well and offer you advice to safeguard against problems such as tooth decay or negative habits like thumb-sucking. We provide preventive dental care and perform dental cleaning and fluoride treatments. We will also provide dietary recommendations from a dental perspective.

During regular consultations, we will monitor any development of cavities and perform early treatment if needed. We’ll also carry out early orthodontic assessment. Sometimes, we may need to use low-dose X-rays to see the development of the permanent teeth.


Common Dental Problems in Children

Premature loss of baby teeth

dental-problems-in-childrenThe natural development of your child’s teeth is for the permanent teeth to develop underneath the gums until they are ready to erupt. The permanent teeth will then resorb the roots of the baby teeth, making them loose and eventually causing them to fall out. However, if a baby tooth is lost prematurely, the nearby teeth can shift to close the space where the tooth once occupied, causing insufficient space for the permanent tooth to erupt, causing crooked or crowded teeth.


Undesirable habits

Whilst thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are normal behaviours for infants, if these habits continue after infancy, this may cause problems with the proper growth of your child’s mouth and alignment of teeth. The best way to stop your child from sucking their thumbs is to offer positive reinforcement and praise your child for not sucking. If they do not stop these habits, we may provide your child treatment options to correct this habit.

To encourage your child to stop thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, it is best to offer positive reinforcement and praises for avoiding the habit. If necessary, we also provide specific treatments to help them correct such habits.

For more information about thumb-sucking, please visit: https://www.aso.org.au/thumb-sucking-and-concerns



Dental Trauma

As your toddler learns to walk and run and your school-aged child becomes more active in sports, your child becomes increasingly at risk of dental injuries. As a preventive measure, make sure that your child wears a mouth guard to prevent trauma during sports. Injuries to the teeth include knocked out, loosened, pushed up teeth and fractures to the root and dental bone.

children-dental-traumaIf your child suffers from dental trauma, please book an appointment with us as soon as possible. Quick action will increase the chances of saving the tooth, reduce likelihood of infection and reduce the need for extensive dental treatment!

For more information in relation to dental trauma, you can visit the following websites:

At Dentist Mandy, we are committed to maintaining your child’s optimal oral health for a lifetime, starting from a good foundation at a young age. Contact us today to secure a peace of mind for the future of your child’s oral health.



When should my child see Dentist Mandy for the first time?

Dentist Mandy loves all kids! It is recommended that your child’s first visit to the dentist should be around the age of 4. This will allow your child to be familiar with the dental environment, instruments and simple treatment. Progressive exposure will create a positive experience for your child.

What are the dental treatments for children?

A full dental examination will be provided for your child so the best treatment can be given.

During your child’s first few appointments, Dentist Mandy will want to know your child’s medical, dental and social history. A diet, tooth eruption and caries risk assessment will also be provided to get an overall picture of your child’s oral health, development and motivation to keep up their oral hygiene habits. From this, Dentist Mandy will be able to give informative advice on how to brush your child’s teeth, keep track of your child’s exfoliation dates and monitor the intake of sugary foods and drinks. With advice given, it would benefit your child’s oral health hygiene habits and have good mouth development.

Minimal treatment will also be given to reinforce your child’s oral health. X-rays may be used to see the development status of the adult teeth. Hygiene maintenance can be reinforced through a simple prophy treatment to remove existing plaque and to let your child experience what dental treatment is like. Any other treatments such as fillings and extractions will be completed after your child is familiar with the dental environment, unless it is an emergency. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give Dentist Mandy a call!

My child is scared of the dentist. What should I do?

Dentist Mandy is a child friendly dental clinic. There is a dedicated children’s playroom, with movies and soft toys. During treatment, verbal encouragement and prizes will be given for good behaviour. Movies will also be played to provide distractions and entertainment. This will ease the child’s anxiety and allow treatment to be completed in a relaxed environment. Stickers, interactive activities and music will also help children have an enjoyable and positive experience at Dentist Mandy!

Prior to treatment, you can also give a short explanation to your child of what a visit to the dentist is like. Use positive words of encouragement to help your child’s fears of any dental clinic.

What other initiatives do you take to encourage child to visit the dentist with a smile?

Dentist Mandy believes that it is important for children to know how to keep their smiles bright and happy at a young age. Dentist Mandy regularly organises visits to preschools to promote good oral health and hygiene. We have been to Active Kids Bondi, Active Kids Rosebay, Uniting Iluka Bondi and Uniting Iluka North Bondi, Uniting Early Learning North Bondi, Only About Children in Rosebay and Bronte Kids’ Preschool, Stepping Stone Childcare Rosebay and many others. We provide programs that focus on different areas of oral health, particular toothbrushing, hygiene routines and diet. A focus on visiting the dentist is also beneficial for preschool children to be exposed to the dental environment, and to encourage regular checkups to monitor their oral development.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!